Buonconsiglio Castle

Camping village Laghi di Lamar

In the courtyard of the Buonconsiglio Castle twenty-one Lombards, who were fighting for the annexation of Trentino to Italy, were executed by the Austrians in 1848 and the three heroes of Trentino Irredentism – Cesare Battisti, Fabio Filzi and Damiano Chiesa – suffered the same fate. The castle was the residence of the Prince-bishops until the secularization (1803) of the Principality. It dominates the city from a rocky hill and it still seems to protect it, even if the walls that surrounded the whole town are not there anymore. In the 13th century, that hill was called “Dosso del Malconsey”, from the Latin words Mall (Mahl), which means public, and Consilii, which means council: the castle was in fact the meeting place of the community. As the castle was being built around the Augusto Tower and began to take shape, it was decided to rename it with a more auspicious name and so it became “Buonconsiglio” (good council). During the course of history, the castle has been enlarged multiple times. The Castelvecchio was built between the 12th and 15th century, near the Augusto Tower and in the 16th century the Magno Palazzo was built under the commission of the Prince-bishop Bernardo Clesio. The Prince-bishops lived in the castle until the beginning of the 19th century, although during many occasions they were forced to escape and leave the castle due to wars or rebellions. The entire building is worth visiting, as well as the Aquila Tower and the Falco Tower that originally were part of the city walls. The walls of Aquila Tower are decorated with the famous frescoes named Cyclus of the Months, made in the 15th century by an unknown Bohemian artist and represent months after months the life in the Middle Ages, by comparing the ostentation of courts and the fight for survival of the poor. Today the castle houses the Museo del Risorgimento e della Lotta per la Libertà (Museum of Risorgimento and the Fight for Freedom), sections of archeology, ancient, medieval and modern arts and its rooms are often the setting for prestigious exhibitions that attract thousands of visitors.


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