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Escursions in Trentino Alto Adige

The Lamar Lakes are the perfect destination for hikers, naturalists and anglers. Located under the Paganella massif they once used to form a single lake. However they were separated by a landslide and two basins were formed: Santo Lake in the South and Lamar Lake in the North. Both lakes are subject to karst phenomena, just like Terlago Lake, only a few kilometres downstream. Santo Lake is a popular destination for anglers and tourists, who are attracted by its lush and unspoilt landscape and its deep silence that can be enjoyed just by relaxing on the stony beaches along the entire length of the lake. Lamar Lake is an exceptionally transparent body of water, surrounded by conifers and iridescent rocks and with a vast grassy beach on its western side. This lake with its green water is a great holiday destination and a place to relax par excellence. The particular beauty and the diversity of the fish fauna, which characterise both lakes, makes them interesting for anglers and naturalists alike. This area of the two lakes is also a starting point for beautiful hikes that run all the way up to the top of the Paganella.