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Mount Bondone

Camping village Laghi di Lamar
In summer

In Summer it is the perfect destination for tourists, sportsmen, mountain lovers and families looking for some leisure. The Monte Bondone offers equipped trails for all levels of hiking, perfect both for short walks and for day hikes. Various sports can also be practiced on the Bondone: horseback riding, mountain biking, playing tennis, skating, climbing, paragliding.
At the location Viote, there are situated the Centre for Alpine Ecology and the Alpine Botanical Garden with more than two thousand species of mountain plants from all five continents. Starting from the Viote basin, you can hike to the natural park Riserva Naturale Integrale delle Tre Cime (Integral Nature Reserve of the Three Peaks), which takes its name from the peaks of Monte Bondone (Cima Verde, Doss d’Abramo, Cornetto) that surround the basin and all three can be reached by panoramic hikes. Climbing up the peak Cima Palon (2090 m) you will enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city of Trento, the Adige valley, the Paganella, the Brenta Dolomites, the Adamello glaciers and Lake Garda. As an alternative, you can reach the peak also by cable car, which is operational starting from mid-July. From the fields of the Monte Bondone comes the grass that is used for the so-called hay baths, a therapeutic technique that the local populations practiced already in the last century to combat the disorders caused by chronic forms of arthrosis. This wellness treatment is offered also at Vigolo Baselga and Garniga Terme (where there is a well-equipped bathing establishment).

In winter

During the winter, the Monte Bondone is a true paradise for lovers of winter sports and nature. In the vast and sunny basin of the Viote, there are cross-country skiing trails, which wind for almost 30 kilometres through the rich alpine vegetation. For those who practice alpine skiing, there are nine trails with a total length of 13 km and mostly equipped with artificial snow, satisfying skiers of all levels. There are four light blue trails for beginners, five more challenging red trails for experienced skiers and coming down from Cima Palon there is a black trail of 1830 m. Also who practices modern sports, such as snowboarding or carving, will find the perfect trail at the Snow Park. Also for ski mountaineering and Nordic skiing there are many different trails, that allow you to reach peaks that exceed an altitude of 2000 m. Two ski schools with more than twenty professional ski teachers are available to anyone who wants to learn from scratch or wants to improve its style.


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