Camping village Laghi di Lamar

The Laghi di Lamar campsite offers paragliding curses both for beginners and for those who want to improve their paragliding techniques. All the curses are held by Roberto from Monte Gazza Avventura or by Manuel from Paragliding Tandem Team – two local businesses with years of experience. The courses are offered the whole year around and every day of the week – the minimum age required is 16 years with the written consent of parents. Our staff at the reception is always at your disposal for further information and booking.

Trial day at the paragliding training field

The paragliding training field is nothing more than a large field with 5-50 metres high hills, where you will become acquainted with the flight equipment and the techniques of takeoff and landing. After 2-4 hours you will perform your first mini flights of a few dozen metres while being watched by the instructor. In doing so, you can try the amazing experience of paragliding and decide for yourself whether to sign up for the actual course or not. The trial day does not involve the obligation to sign up.

Paragliding course – first phase

This first phase of the course starts at the paragliding training field, where you learn the techniques of takeoff and landing by performing flights of a few tens of metres. During these initial flights you will perform short changes of direction so that you become familiar with the paraglide and you gradually get used to being in the air. After having learned to takeoff, land and follow the instruction given via radio, you will be ready for high flights. If necessary, you can perform your first flight with the instructor using a two-seater paraglider, after which you will fly alone while being assisted during the takeoff and followed via radio by the instructor throughout the flight. This first phase includes the sign up to the course, with relative RCT (third party liability) policy, 5 high flights, and a series of theory lessons that are fundamental for flying safely. At this point you will know if paragliding is something you like and you can choose whether to continue with this experience or not.

Paragliding course – second phase

During this part of the course, you will refine the practical and theoretical knowledge that will make you learn to fly completely alone, with maximum security and with full confidence in your skills. This phase includes a minimum of thirty radio assisted flights and all the theory lessons necessary to pass the final state exam. At the end of the training, if you pass the state exam, you will get a VDS (pleasure flying) pilot attestation for paragliding.

Advanced paragliding course

Course for paragliders who already have a pilot license and want to improve their paragliding techniques with difficult weather conditions, such as high heat or wind.

Tandem paragliding course

Let’s fly in company! This course is for licensed pilots with a good preparation and flying experience. The school reserves the right to verify whether the participant has sufficient technical knowledge and if not, it will provide lessons to fill the gaps. The course includes training on the paragliding training field to learn techniques of takeoff and landing, which are more difficult than with a single-seater paraglider, and a number of high flights with the instructor at the controls to learn and assimilate the technique of piloting. Only then, the participant will complete the practical part of the training by flying with the instructor, who this time will only act as a passenger.


Back to the roots…In the past, paragliding was a help for those who climbed up a mountain and wanted to descend quickly and enjoyably. It is very rewarding the feeling of reaching the top of the mountain with a little backpack of 5-6 kg and then flying back down with the paraglider surrounded only by nature!!!


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