Camping village Laghi di Lamar

From the campsite, it is possible to organise day hikes on beautiful hiking routes.

Cabin Al Cacciatore

A simple day trip, especially suitable for families with children.
The starting point San Lorenzo in Banale can be reached from the campsite in 50 minutes by car. From there you can walk on the path 325-bis until you reach the lodge Al Cacciatore, located in the heart of the Dolomites. There is also a taxi-jeep service that connects San Lorenzo with the lodge, which is the perfect starting point for more demanding mountain tours (cabin Pedrotti, cabin XII Apostoli, Alpenrose).

Cabin Agostini

One-day hike of medium difficulty. The lodge Agostini can be easily reached from the lodge Al Cacciatore with a one-hour walk. You won’t regret taking this walk: you will get an amazing view that it’s worth the effort.

Cabin Brentei

One-day hike of medium difficulty.

The three peaks of Mount Bondone

From the three peaks – Cima Verde, Doss d’Abramo and Cornetto – you can enjoy a unique view of Trento and the surrounding valleys. This is a day hike and it is also suitable for families with children. Once you have parked your car in the location Viote, we suggest you to start from peak Verde, whose woods provide enough shade to make the ascent less tiring, and then continue to Doss D’Abramo until you reach Cornetto, from where you can descend to the valley.

Cabin Grosté and cabin Tuckett

An easy trail ideal for families with children, for beginners and for those who are looking for a route that isn’t too challenging. The starting point can be reached by the cable car Grosté.


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