Aeronautical Museum “Gianni Caproni”

Camping village Laghi di Lamar

The aeronautical museum Gianni Caproni was inaugurated in the year 1992. It exhibits a world-renowned collection of airplanes and historical relics that were collected by the Caproni Family and then given to the Autonomous Province of Trento. From spring of 1999, the museum has become part of the network of science headed by the MUSE. In the exhibition hall there are about twenty historical airplanes, nine of which are unique in the world. The most important ones are the Caproni Ca. 6 and the Caproni Ca. 9 built in 1911, a Caproni Ca. 100 hydro of 1928 and a Sm 79 of 1934. In addition to the hundreds of historical relics, the museum houses the reconstruction of Gianni Caproni’s design office and of a 1920s propeller manufacturing workshop, built by Caproni. A Lockheed F-104G Starfighter just outside the museum makes it very easy to identify the building. The museum’s mission is to operate in favour of the spread of scientific and technological culture, with particular focus on the aspects of innovation and on the results of the research made in Trentino. For the near future – in addition to promoting the enhancement of the aeronautical heritage – the museum is engaged in the implementation of a project of Science Centre that will complement the traditional exhibition part, with the intention of developing the new communicative dimension closely linked to the divulgation of science through interactive exhibitions.


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